Thursday, November 17, 2011


This time a decade ago I was sitting in a café on the upper west side of NYC, supping on coffee and cake with my new American friends, the adrenalin and excitement at having moved to the Big Apple keeping me warm in a city that was to become my home for the next 7 years and celebrating my 23rd birthday. 
A decade ago.
Comparatively, this morning began at 3am with my nearly one-year-old daughter practicing her break-dance moves, which saw me leave the marital bed for the second time that week and move to the couch where I watched the dawn creep slowly in.
Where once I was taking 8 dance classes a week, buying ‘standing room only’ tickets to Broadway shows, drinking cheap wine at late night bars on the lower east side and living on Ketchup soup, I now get incidental exercise walking my daughter to the park, see a play at the STC and stress the whole time about my bottle-boycotting daughter, get drunk on a sniff of champagne and am never without food in my mouth.
 Time can be a fickle fiend. But she can also be considerate and accommodating.
Life is long my friends.
And life is good.
Very good.
Here’s to another fabulous decade.

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