Friday, July 9, 2010


According to my pregnancy book, at twenty weeks gestation the peanut is now legally considered a human.  And to celebrate, it decided to kick last night when its father was actually home to feel it! Everyone said that come five months I would suddenly start to show and I've attached a picture so you can see, that that is exactly what's happened.  This is a short one blogees, as I have (as usual) massively over-commited myself and am wasting precious time, trying to work out how I can escape...I know I'm going to be ridiculously busy and overwhelmed once the peanut is a human that is not inside me anymore, but honestly, at least then I'll only be focused on one thing.
Stand by for updates.


  1. You are looking fantastic Naomi. and congratulations Peanut on kicking when daddy was home!

  2. Hi Naomi

    thought I would quickly post these links here so you can have a look at these joggers when you go to USA, bearing in mind mine is the 1996 version of the Baby Jogger, Performance model. The new version looks great and probably would suit your needs greatly.

    First link

    and a quick review

    It was wonderful to see you and all the family, hope everyone had a terrific evening

  3. thank you kylea - it is quite an active little peanut i have to say! and it's fabulous.
    louise - thankyou very much. i will check those out. it was great to see you too, love to family


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