Monday, October 4, 2010


Today on my prego lady walk a woman walked past me and said; “you’re carrying a boy.” At least I think that’s what she said. I was listening to my iPod so I suppose she could have said; “oh what a bundle of joy.” But it isn’t a bundle of joy yet, so lets for the sake of argument assume she said the former. Now, there’s a 50% chance she’s right. But that’s not bad odds really is it? So I’ve decided to open it up to the public and get your opinion based on the two attached pictures. I’ll even help you out by giving you all the information Gregory and I have had thrust upon us regarding the sex of our unborn baby.
1.              We have both had dreams it is a girl. Although mine was a girl with jet black, shiny hair which is highly unlikely unless I had an affair with a Chinese man. Two points for a girl.
2.              Our Korean friend told us that if you dream it is one sex, in her culture that means it’s the other. Two points for a boy.
3.              You cannot tell I am pregnant from behind which means it’s a boy. Although you couldn’t tell for my sister-in-law either and she had three girls. But still, I’ll allow it. Another point for a boy. Current score; 3 – boy, 2 - girl.
4.              The greater the distance in age between the parents, the higher the chance it is a boy. I’m not sure about this theory; it’s a bit out there even for me. But lets include it anyway, if we’re being thorough. So, since Gregory and I are only 11 months apart, that’s another point for the girls. Current tally 3 – girl, 3 – boy.
5.              I am carrying low which means it’s a girl. I think. I’ve forgotten the theory, like I forget everything these days. I am a goldfish. Anyway, lets say it means a girl. Girl - 4, boy - 3.
6.              My husband’s siblings have thus far reproduced six nieces and one nephew. Now this could go either way. We’re either going to continue the trend and have a girl, or start to even out the gender pool and deliver a boy. So, one point either way girl – 5, boy – 4.
7.              My siblings thus far have reproduced none of their own humans so no information from my side is forthcoming. No points for either team.
8.              If you refer to a previous blog, you will see I had a prophetic moment with a Doctor in a hospital and a ward with the same name we’ve chosen if we have a son. One point for the boys. Girl – 5 Boy – 5.
Excellent. A draw. All this means then, is that I’ve done double the washing that will eventually be required, as we’ve been given so much stuff from generous friends and family for both sexes. None of the evidence is particularly convincing either way if you ask me. I wouldn’t bet my first child on it. Still, have a guess and I’ll let you know in less than 9 weeks…


  1. Hahahaha I think its a ummm ummm umm ... a baby??

    Who would know. I'll vote for girl and be done with it.

    In the last 3 months of my pregnancy with Christopher only 2 people thought it was a boy and EVERYONE else swore blind it was a girl which leads me to the conclusion that no one has any idea and there is nothing external that indicates one way or the other : )

  2. the more important questions is ....... - how can you be so small with only 9 weeks to go? no fair !!! :)

    Enjoy the last trimester. It is the most tiring but the end is oh so much closer

    as for voting - um........ a boy. Based on purely nothing but a guess

  3. well. you two cancel each other out, so you're not much help are you? i shall register your votes and let you know...soon...but not too soon...xx


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