Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The twelve points of 4 weeks of parenting
1.              sleeping for 4 hours in total is an excellent outcome
2.              moving out of the marital bed to sleep squashed up on the couch with my marsupial/pterodactyl is now the norm
3.              sitting in undies soaked with my daughters wee for a few hours until I can manage five seconds for a wash is entirely normal
4.              soft cheeses
5.              sushi
6.              making up songs to narrate my new life. Current hits include; ‘things aren’t as bad as you’re making them seem,’ ‘you’re just fussing,’ and the ever popular ‘you’re awake again my darling child.’
7.              Mothers group…that is a lot of oestrogen in one room, but so far it’s not overly offensive
8.              99% of the affection that used to be directed towards my husband is now focused exclusively on our new tenant
9.              one-handed typing – how am I going?
10.           Greeting dawn for 29 days straight. In case you’re wondering, it’s quite beautiful
11.           Almost daily jaunts to cafes with similarly situated women. If you’d asked when I lived in New York, I’m not sure I could have envisaged the scene!
12.           Qualified or not, bumbling or absolute precision, I am completely and utterly immersed in this parenting gig and loving every second of it, even points 1, 3 and 10


  1. You are pretty quick at getting it all down and you sound like a professional now :)

  2. absolutely a real professional. Any questions, feel free to write on in and i'll give you my sage advice...my advice for me right now, is try and get some sleep while Q is in my husband's arms instead of mine!!! Happy christmas!


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