Sunday, December 5, 2010


I know, I know, two weeks and not a peep. This little human of ours is a brilliant time waster. i've also never been more popular than since I became the mother of Quinn. (If your self esteem needs a boost, have a baby. You'll be playing second fiddle to them of course, but you can still claim credit for any of their greatness, good looks or advanced behaviour).
I'm also hesitant to post anything without getting someone else to read it first, given that I'm going on not more than four hours sleep a night since the day she was born. There's a reason they train our military forces to cope with sleep deprivation as a means of torture.
I do declare that a blog is on the way...stand by for updates...


  1. 2 weeks old already - how quickly you change from saying 4 days old to 2 weeks..... to months to years.

    I hope the sleep torture stops soon.... however it does give you more time with your litle time waster!

  2. Enjoy your special time. And it looks like you've gone with cloth nappies after all.

  3. thank you ladies, special indeed and it is already going too fast!!!
    yes cloth nappies it is and so far so good...although we did get given a dryer circa 1950 which sounds like a helicopter taking off, but, with the recent week of rain made cloth nappies far easier to deal with...not sure if the use of the dryer cancels out the environmental goodness of the nappies however...


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