Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Because I am about to crack 30 000 words, (which means I only have 20 000 to go) I rewarded myself today with an outing to mother’s group. But I don’t think I’m going back again. And this is why:
‘My baby sleeps from 8pm to 7am now.’
‘Oh so does mine, has done for weeks.’
‘Mine is 7 to 7. I get so much done and a good night’s sleep as well.’
‘And how about those feeds? Down to twenty minutes.’
‘Oh, max. Usually it’s fifteen.’
Are they for real? Sleeping through the night? Eating in less than an hour?
Miss Q clearly did not get those memos.
Then again, I don’t sleep a huge amount and I get hungry every three hours too. So she may not look like me, but by those facts alone I’m assured she’s my girl. And since she is, I suppose I’ll keep her.
She’s just a free thinker, is all. Not conforming to the norm, finding her own way, forging her own path.
And I’m proud of that thinking, I am. No little sheep is my girl. She won’t be diving off the cliff like some sort of lemming.
She’ll be bravely holding fast against the winds of popularity. Challenging conventions, fighting the establishment.
Now about those pesky 20 000 words.
I could write them a whole lot faster if she was more like the other kids… 


  1. I wouldn't take what the other mums say as the absolute truth... My sister-in-law was very distressed that at her mother's group at 5 months all babies slept through the night except hers. In my mother's group at the same age there was only one baby who slept through the night. Now what do you think, were their babies so different than ours? I won't believe it for a second. Most of those babies probably woke up during the night (as babies do), it's just that for some reason the mothers didn't want to admit it.

  2. Heh, my 17 month old doesn't sleep through the night. She likes to cuddle and feed. Given I have 2 great big things that do sleep through the night despite being much the same as a baby, I'm not worried. And mothers' groups are bogus. ;)

  3. Thanks ladies - isn't it funny, i've had so many women say 'they're lying' what a riot! i am more than happy to admit that miss q and i don't have it all down, today we had 5 changes of outfits, including 2 for me, 2 faffy feeds, and 1 four minute nap. But we also had some delicious smiles, read a couple of books, sang songs (kookaburra sits in the old gum tree was a fav today) and did lots of talking about everything we saw in the world. That more than makes up for my haggard appearance and unfolded laundry! But they're top ladies in the group, so Miss Q and i will go again, i'll just slip her a sleeping pill first...

  4. You know, they say smart babies are high maintenance... Lily used to take forever to drink as well. She's much quicker now, I actually miss the time when I used to sit on the couch with her pretty much all day. Now she wants constant entertainment and I am endlessly busy retrieving the toys she places juuuust out of reach, turning her over coz she can't turn back herself etc etc. Oh the days when I used to sit there and watch Grey's Anatomy....
    By the way, sleeping patterns change constantly. Lily used to sleep fine, now she wakes up every 3 hours as well. Hopefully this will change again...


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