Thursday, April 8, 2010


I played another focus game with my students today, and decided to use Easter as the theme.  Again, they had to come up with words associated with the holiday and one of my students said this; “oh you know…excellent Friday.”
Isn’t that fabulous!  Close, but so much better than the original.  Don’t just have a good Friday, have an excellent one. 
And today is, indeed an excellent Friday.  One of those autumn days where you can pretend the glorious sun and gentle breeze is going to last all the way to September when it will start to get warm again.  My imagination is my greatest device but sometimes I wonder if it could also be my downfall.  Sometimes when I hear about a landslide, or an earthquake, and people are discovered alive under the rubble three days after the disaster, I wonder if I could be one of those people.  What would I do stuck in the dark for seventy-two hours straight?  No one to talk to, nothing to eat, nowhere to run.  Would I survive? Or would I do myself in?  I like to think my vivid imagination could transport me to an alternate universe where I forget that I’m lying under a collapsed building and am, in fact, at a wonderful party, or swimming at the beach, or running through the bush.  But I’m an impatient kid, always on the go, which could definitely work against me.  Gregory’s stubborn streak would see him prevail.  Ain’t no way a building is getting the better of him.  They're a bit macabre, these thoughts I'm having and I’ve got no idea why they are consuming me today.  This is not the attitude of Excellent Friday.  Time to change track, get out for a run and live!  It's Australia.  We haven't had a tsunami, we don't have volcanoes, earthquakes are a remote possibility.  The closest thing to dangerous on this run is me tripping and falling into the water.  Hope I haven't jinxed myself...

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