Monday, April 19, 2010


So I didn’t go to yoga.  I needed to run.  These last couple of weeks I’ve had a bit of Gregoryitis.  I miss my husband.  Just once it would be nice to have more than twelve minutes a day with him.  Maybe even have dinner together, watch a movie, go for a walk, talk.  You can see what type of mood I am in and ninety minutes of someone telling me that ‘this is today’s journey, just embrace it’ while I’m desperately trying to reach behind me and grab my left heel with my right elbow just wasn’t going to cut it. 
And so I ran...terribly.  Butch our thirteen-year-old dog could have done a better job.  But you know, with running and me, that’s just not the point.  Sure it wasn’t a run to be proud of, but it did clear my head, I wrote the start and middle of two new stories and had an imaginary conversation with my husband on our perfect night out.  This is why I run.  And this is why nothing else will suffice.  Dancing is glorious and it makes me feel free, swimming is methodical and fun for a change, walking is for old people and yoga for those who’s zen is far easier to locate than mine.  But running, running eases my soul.  
And now I can go to teaching without taking my gregoryitis out on my students.  And that, is a good thing to be sure.


  1. So I suppose aquatic yoga is out of the question?

    Don Rodero

  2. Hi Naomi

    Well I can truly say I have not enjoyed a blog so much in such a very long time. Scarily I am seeing myself reflected in your words, nanna undies, wild black labrador pup on lead and of course talking non stop with some other poor middle aged woman!! The Bay Run has it all doesn't it!! If you see me in such a state please just keep running!! I so love your description of running and your therapy is the same as mine but delivered very differently. Enjoyed Exercise Matters, great photo on ABC site. Keep the journal going and hope to see you fly by me one day.

    Love Louise xx

  3. I so get the 'never see the husband' stuff and would like to have more time to just chill together, oh well. I enjoyed the ABC spot too. I loved the comments about your brothers and their running prowess vs yours, had to have a giggle then. Keep it up. I want more more more.

  4. thank you loyal fans - aunt, aunt's friend and lifelong friend of parents! ha! i love you all!! thank you for reading my little blog, sorry it's not daily at the moment, luckily i'm also attending to some other writing commitments. louise - if i see you we're stopping for coffee! rod - the only thing that would make that worse would be brisk walking to the swimming pool with those dicky weights in my hands and wend, come down and visit me!


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