Monday, April 19, 2010


How many kilometres is it from Town Hall station up to the Mint building for coffee, through the park to the art gallery, through the Archibald Exhibition, out to the cafĂ© for lunch, back through the Art Express Exhibition, back across the park down to the bus station and home?  Because that’s what I did instead of running today.  I talked about running if that counts.  On national radio no less.  You can hear it if you like. And since today was such a lovely, low-key, hang out with my mother and cousin, look at art sunshiney day, I didn’t need to run as much as I normally do.  I’m a little antsy and taking the dog for a walk hasn’t quite cured it, but sometimes I wonder, if just like someone on long-term prescription medication often tries to reduce their dose, if that’s not a bad idea for me.  Am I too reliant on running for my sense of wellbeing?  Without it am I difficult and withdrawn because I haven’t had a chance to process the day’s incidents?  Do I find it difficult to relax if I haven’t worn myself out?  The answer to all these questions is unreservedly yes, but I’m not sure that’s healthy.  So, unadvised by any medical professional, I have forced a reduction in medication by not running today and deciding to yoga instead tomorrow.
This could be interesting folks, I’ll let you know how I (and anyone around me) fairs.  

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