Thursday, August 26, 2010


After my last modelling success on Mornings With Kerri-Anne, the peanut and I are back by popular demand tomorrow morning sometime between 10 and 12.
So, if you're home, bored and need a bit of a laugh, tune on in. We promise to be more impressive than last time, when the peanut was so small, the commentator was forced to say; 'this model is very newly pregnant. This is what you could wear when you're just beginning to discover your changing shape.'
And then, if you haven't had enough of us by then, you can tag along to my show, this Friday and Saturday night. Details here. Happy Friday blogees!


  1. What a Friday - TV then Stage star!

    I will try & tune in to KAK if I get home in time from physio otherwise I will download like I did last time :)

    Enjoy your busy day

  2. they gave us the wrong call time, so they cancelled the segment, i'll let you know if we make a return visit...


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