Sunday, August 22, 2010


The peanut and I have officially entered the third trimester and with it, it seems, comes a torrent of public opinion and helpful hints for labour, parenting, pram purchase and the supremely controversial issue of cloth versus disposable nappies.

Here are some of the best ones I’ve had rained on me thus far;
1.              The greater the age differences between the parents, the greater the chance it will be a boy. (Immediately discredited by my parents, my in-laws and the rest of the world in general).
2.              A mother from the dance academy I teach at (had I started there seven months ago, hers and others offspring would perhaps, have provided the perfect contraception) suggested I start stretching my nether regions now to lessen the pain during labour
3.              Or I could put all my eggs in one basket and follow this theory…eat an egg a day and the baby will slip right out of you
4.              Enroll for childcare now
5.              Wait for the symbolic dream and it will all become clear. (I still don’t know what ‘all’ actually is).
6.              Mothers groups can be very scary
7.              But a good chance to discover the average income of your area, since partners’ salaries appear to be a major topic of conversation
8.              Every man secretly wants a son
9.              Never tell a teacher your name ideas, you can guarantee they’ve taught someone rotten with your favourite name, and
10.          Your appropriate weight gain is a complicated algorithm based on a series of mystery factors, yet it still can’t be determined for me since I didn’t weigh myself pre-conception to begin with.

Prenatal classes start this week for us, but I dare say with these bits of advice there’s really nothing else we need to know. And the peanut and I are trucking…or waddling along just fine. It’s learned this really cool move where it launches off my bladder and body rolls the front of my stomach and I’ve been performing a bit of late, and can’t work out if all the movement during my singing is because it likes the sound or is trying to tell me to shut the hell up. Perhaps it’s just the first in a long line of grievances my child will hold against me until it has its own child and just like the song says, the story goes on…


  1. I love your top 10 list! This should be made into a magnet and given to all mothers-to-be

    Enjoy the pre-natal classes.

  2. oh it really that bad?????! hope you're healing well,

  3. I agree with tips 4 & 9.
    When I was in Sydney I registered my firstborn at the local day cares when I got a positive pregnancy test! Ellie didn't get accepted until well after she was 1 year old. We took her out of part time day care when she was 22 or 23 months old as No. 2 was on his way. Sydney was a shocker for day care places then. You are lucky having 'the Mama' around.

    As for point 9 and kids names, you must have the same experiences seeing as you teach children! I am glad I chose names before working at school....he he he he

    We need an updated photo to show the peanut's expanding home.

  4. no it's not that bad.... I was seriously sleep deprived & had trouble feeding the first few weeks but enjoyed it all. Some days are loooong but the next may be pure happiness

    I did also get involved into a 1st time parents group and after our 6 week "course" at a local health clinic (which was just morning tea with new parents and a chance to ask questions and get out of the house) we have continued to meet EVERY Tuesday morning for nearly 6 years. We are down to 3 mums now but we have been there through the highs and lows, for support & laughter. We have seen our eldest start kindy and now our younger one's are getting along. We rotate between each others houses to local parks, walks around the lake to getting together with our husbands for Easter Egg Hunts & Australia Day BBQ breakfast at the local park.

    as for me - healing really well. I was actually able to go for a walk to the park on the weekend. The first time in nearly 6 mths. Physio is helping and just "time" is improving flexibility & strength. So no more excuses, time to start exercising again!

    enjoy this time - I loved the movement & wondering what they were actually doing

  5. You are coping with all the advice extremely well and having fun with it. I remember being in tears more than once when people just wouldn't keep their opinions to themselves, especially after the birth when I got the baby blues.

  6. oh ladies...just wait till i post my blog about today's prenatal classes...i feel a meltdown coming on!!!

  7. LOL! Fortunately (by the sounds of this advice) by my third trimester I was couch-bound so fairly protected from most dumb advice (a bit lonely, but that's a small price to pay!).

    Dropped by from the Weekend Rewind.

  8. Haha. Wonderful. Aren't people just so helpful! Hmmm. What advice shall I bestow upon you from my lofty, non-children having position...?

    I heard once that you should wear suck in undies for the first months after the birth, helps put everything back in position. There you go. You've been told. {Tho thinking it's probably too late! Gasp, your poor bits, out of place!} Haha.

    :: visiting from the rewind ::

  9. This is 'other people's opinion' gold! I bet you found that none of it was true (except maybe that mothers' groups can be a bit scary. lol). Thanks for the laugh via the Weekend Rewind!

  10. hi ladies, thanks for reading! first chance of looking at computer this weekend, shall check your parts of the cyber world tomorrow...hope you had a great weekend, xx


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