Monday, November 8, 2010


“You know when you smoke a joint,” says a woman to me in front of her two children at the local café this weekend, “that’s how you’ll feel twenty-four hours before you go into labour. That’s how you know you’re going to have your baby.”
Has absolutely anybody else in the universe experienced this twenty-four hour utopia? Because not a single, solitary person has ever mentioned it to me apart from this complete stranger. And I looked it up in the books too – doesn’t exist there either. Now, I’m not saying she’s wrong, every woman’s journey is their own, (I learned that in baby school) I’m just wondering if, now that she is the mother of two, she remembers her childless days only as a hazy, euphoric wonderland in comparison to the sleep deprived, demanding, relentless existence she currently inhabits.
Not that it sounds bad mind you. After the peanut’s second practice run, I would quite prefer twenty-four hours of chilled-out bliss in comparison to the pacing, breathing, exhausting efforts of two nights ago.
Whatever happens, we are following the peanut’s agenda. As I suspect we may be for quite some time…


  1. that is a new one! I can't say I knew with either of mine - except that it was DUE date & me demanding that they arrive. The due date thing is just a big tease.

    By the sounds of it - you will be ready for the real thing and at the end of it the wonderful hormones kick in so you won't be able to remember the pain. ( well - after a few years have past :))

    try & sneak in a nanna nap every day so if peanut does arrive at night you are not going 24 hrs + with no sleep. I think the sleep deprivation got me more than the contractions

    happy times ahead. Good luck & enjoy the last few days of peanut kicking you from the inside

  2. thank you kylea - yes g and i have just been watching my entire stomach move while the p tries to make itself comfortable. thank you, n

  3. Sounds delusional to me. This woman probably has mistaken the immense feeling of bliss you feel AFTER having given birth with the anxiety and apprehension you feel PRIOR to going into labour. Maybe she smoked a joint to get rid of said feelings and then actually went into labour?

  4. of reckon? maybe i'll give that a try...


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