Thursday, November 4, 2010


Stand by for updates. That’s how I finished my last blog. I certainly hope you haven’t been doing that literally, or you’d have very tired feet by now. The peanut is showing no further signs of imminent arrival than it was the other day. On Monday the professionals told us ‘any day now’ which I’m sure is to make sure people like us scurry about the city, madly installing baby capsules, purchasing mattress protectors, cleaning the house and getting their eyelashes tinted (that was just me actually, because red heads don’t have eyelashes so we need a little artificial assistance. Normally I go for a bit of mascara, but after what could be eighteen hours of labour, I sincerely doubt there will be any left on my lashes, and forever immortalising me with black streaks down my entire face in the first pictures of the peanut’s life is not going to look good now or at the peanut’s twenty-first birthday).
Apparently the peanut is just practicing. If this keeps up, I’ll be an expert for my first labour before I ever go through it. I can now walk ten k’s with constant Braxton Hicks, eat through nausea, (lets face it, going into an endurance event on an empty stomach is just foolish) and sleep through extreme back pain. I am a professional pre-labour-er.
Is this an indicator of the peanut’s personality? Is it a planner? Someone who can’t do anything spontaneous because it hasn’t been rehearsed. Or maybe it’s a joker, someone who likes to mess with your head and let you know who’s in charge. It could be a nervous Nelly and just needs to feel reassured it has done everything it can to prepare for the event. Perhaps it has trust issues already and doubts its mother’s ability to bring it through. Or maybe it’s a stickler for details and is following pregnancy protocol as finitely as if it were reading one of my books.
I don’t know. Though I suppose I will soon enough if I believe the professionals. So far they haven’t steered me wrong. It's just that ‘any day now’ is a bit too ambiguous for a redheaded Scorpio like me. Fiery, passionate, impatient and determined. That’s us. We like to be the ones in charge. The thing is, if the peanut arrives within the next few weeks that’s exactly what it will be too…


  1. Hang in there, babe. For me, it was "any day now" for 12 veeery long days. Tried everything - from drinking disgusting herbal teas to many other things I'd rather not talk about here - they will come out when they are ready, and not a minute earlier. So, enjoy the fact that you are still able to shower when you want to and take a looong relaxing bath.
    Can't wait to see the first pics of your little peanut soon.
    Love, C.

  2. Actually I was going to remind you that The Peanut will also be a Scorpio....hmmmmmm but it seems that this fact has not escaped you. Interesting times ahead.

  3. May I suggest oysters and a 2 martinis? When Ashley was overdue, that's what her mother had and she popped right out. It could have been that she realized what delights awaited her on the outside, or it could have been the fear of mercury poisoning and an overdeveloped forehead.

  4. HA! Anna, oysters and a martini overlooking the pacific with you two fine ladies sounds like a great way to spend this afternoon. Gregory and I may have to simulate it here in Sydney.
    Yes Wendy, scorpio it could be - i still like myself enough not to mind...
    I know chris, all in the baby's time, which would have been fine if they hadn't said 'any day now'. What a frustrating phrase! thanks all for reading

  5. 3 kids... 3 overdue births... 9 days, 14 days and 16 days... enjoy the quiet and calm now... OR come and take my 3 if you really can't wait!

  6. ah sheena, the perfect perspective! i know i'll be cursing my impatience in a few weeks. actually calm about it all now and living on peanut time.
    three kids...lordy be! they're lucky indeed!


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