Thursday, March 4, 2010


Guess what people?  I have a new local run!  Last night we moved into our new place and it has made this little runner very happy indeed. Today I got to join the locals on the Bay run in Balmain.  Round we went, amateur footballers on one side, the resting ocean on the other.  Walkers, talkers, runners and bikers, all of us working towards something…a smaller waist, lower cholesterol, learning the latest gossip…it doesn’t really matter.  We were all having fun, I think.  I know I was.  The course is almost completely flat so you can run hard and fast and feel like an absolute champ.  And it’s invigorating to be around others enjoying the same thing.  I’m a solo runner by choice – I enjoy the time out – but I do get a real boost out of seeing others enjoying the runner’s high.  The move is also the reason I’ve been off cyber-space of late.  Since I’ve been away so long and Gregory isn’t from here, we’re both treated as foreigners with zero credit rating, which equals 100% refusal from companies to grant us an internet and phone contract.  Persistence will prevail and I will be blogging daily again before you can make a comment on twitter.    

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