Saturday, March 6, 2010


Everyone’s got to have ambition don’t they?  It gives you direction and focus and makes you sound really cool to the entire world of cyberspace…until you don’t actually do the thing you were going to and you now have to explain why you didn’t to that very same entire world.
I did not run twice around the bay area. 
According to friends with iPhones (we can’t get one on account of having no Australian credit) it is in fact 7 kilometres around the bay, which means that I did in fact run 10 k’s in 45 minutes.  Yes, I am very impressed with myself as well and feel that a place in this year’s marathon really isn’t out of the question.  Apparently you win money if you place in the top few…that’s a good incentive for a pauper like me.
I digress…and I owe it to you to explain why I didn’t complete my objective. 
It was hot.  Very hot.  And I was sweating like a homo eating a hot dog before I crossed the bridge.  Also I had not eaten enough – cereal for breakfast and an orange for lunch.  Not enough sustenance for a 90 minute run (assuming I could keep the same pace for the entire run which is somewhat doubtful).  I did however, do some push-ups and sit-ups on one of those built in gyms at the park with two guys who had taken their shirts off on account of the heat.  I am a married woman people, so my eyes do not wander.  Rather, I find it somewhat disconcerting to be struggling with my five tricep dips (they are my body’s forgotten muscle) while the next Calvin Klein model effortlessly chugs out a couple of hundred without breaking a sweat.
But never fear, I’ve got the Pollyanna perspective - she used to play this game called the ‘glad game’.  No matter the circumstance, she would find something to be glad about.  And that’s today’s lesson people.  There’s always a positive way to look at things.  Watch...I am glad my run made me so hot I almost cooked my organs, because I could justify last night’s margarita consumption on the basis that my glass was rimmed with salt and I was therefore responsibly replacing the sodium I’d lost on my run.
Now if I can only find a reason for drinking red wine.


  1. Love that Bay Run. I am really enjoying the blog. I remember going through the same marathon trials a while back. It makes me nostalgic for when I was that fit haha.

    Hope you are well.


  2. The following is selectively copied and pasted from: Benefits of Red Wine Written by: Dr. Steve Windley, MD
    The heart benefits that occur with red wine start with just 1 glass a day for women and 1-2 glasses for men.Higher consumption may actually negate the possibility of any positive effects. At the end of the day, this doctor recommends grabbing your favorite cab, merlot, pinot or shiraz and taking a moment to breathe in the day and relax.
    I like this recommendation, Cheers!

  3. matt - hello!!! where are you??? thanks for reading. if you're in syd can we catch up???
    wend - excellent research thank you kindly. my heart is clearly a supremely operating machine.


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