Friday, March 5, 2010


We are sleeping on a waterbed.  I know, I too thought they died in the 1980’s along with shoulder pads and acid wash jeans, but since those two have made a resurgence in today’s society (or at least they have in Norway) we may as well let the floating sleeping device back in too.
Or maybe we shouldn’t. 
Gregory and I can’t work out if we love it or consider it the most wretched way to pass an evening.  The first night we had the giggles.  Every time one of us moved there was a mini tidal wave across the bed.  This continued throughout the night and we awoke wondering why we’d even bothered trying.  It’s a bit like sleeping in a life raft.  They say you get used to it within the first couple of weeks, so I’ll keep you posted.  To be fair, I should mention that my back pain is significantly reduced.  But I also haven’t run in the last couple of days so I’m not giving all the credit to that floating sleep vessel.  Tomorrow I am planning a long run  - twice around the bay if I can make it.  The other day I ran it in a time that seems highly unlikely – I know it’s flat, but I’m just not that fast, so I’ve decided to see if I can make it twice around and back home which should (according to the map) be roughly twenty k’s.   I will well and truly deserve the margarita’s I’m making for tomorrow night’s Mexican Fiesta after that.

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