Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You know those days where you would have been more productive if you’d stayed in bed…yesterday was one of those days.  I dropped things, it rained and I have no umbrella, I was running late but it was humid so I was sweaty when I got there, things fell out of cupboards onto my head, no one answered their phone when I rang, people gave me incorrect information.  It was a nightmare.  Even washing my hair was difficult – the shower door fell off its hinges and then the conditioner container was blocked and I couldn’t get any out until I forced it and then it globbed and blobbed all over the shower floor.  I had a huge fight with my computer and printer which lasted most of the day until finally in a stroke of genius (after I’d seriously considered buying a new printer just so I didn’t have to deal with it anymore) I realised all I needed was a new download.  Gratifying in the end but so frustrating I was ready to return to a notebook and pencil, the tools of writers old.  At 7.30 Butch (being far smarter than he looks) realised that since I hadn't managed to run, what I needed was a good long walk and he stood there staring at me until I capitulated, leaving the computer to find the download itself.  Down the street we walked, turned the corner and coming eye to eye with a view of our magnificent city.  Centre Point tower, the harbour bridge...a full moon.  A full moon!  That explains everything.  Full moons are always a nightmare in restaurants, people are particularly difficult and the evening seems interminably long.  My disaster day had been explained.
But the moon only comes out at night, so I should be fine for today at least.  It is one of those magnificent autumn days.  Still warm and full of sunshine but with the hint of change in the breeze.  This is the Easter weather I remember from my youth.
I am glad to be home.

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