Thursday, October 6, 2011


There are a few things a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum for those not up with the latest acronyms) should be able to do.

1.             Whip up a microwave brownie without taking a single step because your human has permanently attached him or herself to your legs. (I’ve got some awesome matrix moves down as I arch back, brownie in one hand and open the microwave door with my nose).
2.             Get weetbix-cement out of the ridges in the table (such a bad idea to let Q feed herself, but her independent streak and 8 teeth by 6 months really work against me).
3.             Do laundry. And not just do the laundry. Do it successfully. ie things are clean after you’ve washed them.

This is not the case with yours truly, and it’s actually starting to get to me. Worse still is that all Q’s clothes are second-hand and came to us in pristine condition. No chance I’ll be passing them on again.
How embarrassing.

Q’s a bit rough on clothes I’ll admit, but I spray, I scrub, I soak, I leave them to stew for a day or two, I even tried a warm wash and still some of the stains remain.

This is not rocket science. This is something most people do at least once a day. All over the world. And some people don’t even have washing machines.

What am I doing wrong?
Why won’t these stains disappear?

And why do I care?

Because I see it as a reflection on me as a mother that’s why.
How pathetic.

When is this mother’s guilt going to subside?
Oh never, I hear you say. Wait till you do something really dastardly like send her to school with the wrong type of socks.

At least now she’s too young to know people tut-tut me as they pass us by. Silently observing my child’s dusty knees, grass-stained top and dirt-mired pants.

Still, it’s a tough battle to wage.

In that case...I'm the supermum
Lazy parenting versus extreme cleanliness.

I suspect the two are mutually exclusive.

And so, I fear that nothing much will change.
Now excuse me while I go and hang out my third load of washing.
Is there such a thing as a clean stain???

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