Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yesterday I had to pay a $42 administration fee to the council for them to open a drawer and pull out a plan.
Then they charged me $9 to photocopy it.
This is not me. I wish.
When we left, (quickly, lest they charge us a wear and tear fee for standing in the queue) we took Q to a free council provided water park, which entertained her for quite some time. Perhaps our $42 administration fee helped pay for one of the sprinklers.
The biggest thing I am discovering about opening a small business is that there are fees and costs, lodging payments and bureaucratic charges wherever you turn.
If it weren’t for a very dear friend of mine being one, I’d be developing a fairly extreme aversion to Town Planners.
But I’ve reframed my thought processes. Actually I should kiss their feet, because it’s not a job I could do.
I start to read the forms and immediately my eyes glaze, my mind softens and before I know it, I’m making a cup of decaf tea and looking up the page entitled ‘fines for not filing correct documentation.’
Or writing a blog…
Better get back to it.


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