Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last week my friend got bitten by a red-back spider.
Yeah you know the one, the one that can kill you.
When I asked her why she hadn’t mentioned her near death experience, she reminded me that it wasn’t about us anymore, it was about the humans we had made, and that while a near death experience would ordinarily have been considered a newsworthy topic, it now faded into insignificance when compared with more weighty issues such as teething, nap boycotts and vegetable refusals.
My friend could have died of her spider bite and I would never have known because I was too busy making stuffed cannelloni, reading the same book for the ninety-six thousandth time and working my biceps at the slippery dip in the park.
Such is the life I lead.
Other newsworthy items that have gone un-newsed are as follows;
·               We have made an offer on a restaurant and it has been accepted.
Is there really any need for me to write anything else?
Oh sorry, gotta go. Q needs her nappy changed.
They have the darndest way of putting things in perspective.

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