Monday, January 23, 2012


 When people discover you’re planning to open a restaurant, most of them aren’t quick enough to hide the look that says they think you bought a first class ticket on the crazy train.
Then, when they discover that you’re not funding the project entirely yourselves, they realise you can’t afford a ticket on the crazy train, and that look turns to sympathy at best, thinly veiled pity at worst.
But then there are the believers.
And of them, we are fortunate to have many.
Which is fortunate, because those looks of pity are killers. I think there is a proverb about pity. It goes something like this:
Looks of pity poke holes in a person’s dream, so think twice before their dream gets poked away.
But there’s also probably another proverb about believers.
Believers are the sticky tape to non-believer’s hole poking.
The believers are all sorts of people. They're people who’ve offered their support through interest, just by listening to your plans. Others their advice, a good book to read, a website to search. Others still, their skilled labour for a fraction or none of the price their worth.
All of them believing and showing that belief however it is they can.
And some of them are showing that belief by funding this little dream of ours.
‘We think you’re so brave Naomi, we’d love to help make it happen.’
(This coming from a friend who’s in the Army).
Compared to what?
I’m not going to face a bullet every time I turn up to work.
It’s humbling, quite honestly, to have people believe in you enough to loan you their hard earned dollars. 
Humbling now, but the pride will come later when we pay them back with the full return promised.
Today a bird pooed on my head, which I know is supposed to be good luck.
But we don’t need good luck, we’ve got believers.


  1. There are so many risks involved in opening a business especially a resturant, Much to think about much can go wrong; yet successful resturants do exist. How insulting of people to think you do not know all this and have not thought out all the risks.

    I am not a risk taker, I envy those that are.
    Much success to you.
    Cranky Old Man

  2. Fortunately, you have a fantastic chef at the helm of this endeavour! Providing just one punter shows up, the word-of-mouth will be enough to guarantee your success. Best of luck with it all...

  3. Oh thank you both gentlemen. See, there you are. Showing your belief cyber style. Seriously, you might think it's nothing, but that encouragement goes a long way.
    Thank you again, xx

  4. Well look at it this way. If this means so much to you it will work don't worry!


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