Monday, January 16, 2012


Do you ever put things off, things that by doing them you know would make life easier, but you can’t be bothered to exert the energy required, and so instead, you expend unnecessary energy each time you perform the task/use the object that is not functioning correctly, the sum total of wasted energy far exceeding the energy it would take to rectify the problem in the first place, and yet still you can’t be arsed?
I do.
Things like not mounting the dryer to the wall, and so having it sit on the bathroom floor, taking up valuable floor space, making it impossible to clean and even more impossible to use because the vibrating on the tiled floor causes the person living below to start to hate you. (Not that I use the dryer because I am a tree-hugging energy saver and the dryer is for that criminal Martha Stewart decoration purposes only).
Or mending the hems on four pairs of pants and so you just don’t wear them, which means you have to wash continually because your child destroys at least 2 of your outfits a day and you just don’t own that many pairs of comfy jeans.
Or staring at the running pram you were given that is securely locked to the front pillar, unable to be stolen and unable to be used at all because your husband lost the only key to the padlock and is refusing to buy a set of bolt cutters. Which means I use the other buggy, which doesn’t handle as well and costs me 35 bucks each time I blow a tire.
I could go on…
Dentist appointments
Wedding book
The tear in the leather couch we were given
The Tupperware drawer
Cleaning the oven
My hair..
As my husband always tells me ‘when the pain gets great enough you’ll do something about it.’
And the pain is great people, the pain is very great.
So this morning I booked in for a spa treatment with a voucher I won in my gym’s Christmas hamper. (I suspect it was rigged, as our family has given them a dozen members, but I don’t care. That voucher is mine, damn it, all mine).
The burning of the proverbial candle has only just begun, of that I am well aware, but if I can soothe my singed soul every now and again with a bit of sheer decadence I reckon I just might make it through.
Happy Tuesday people, may it be full of unexpected indulgence. 

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