Thursday, March 22, 2012


In short:

  • Last night the tickle in my throat became a full blown head cold preventing any sleep.
  • The accompanying busy brain did not help, I suspect.
  • Nor the 16 month old that felt the need for close-up cuddles between the hours of 3 and 5.
  • I awoke, regrouped and drove said 16 month old to my fabulous friend, who was going to take her for a few hours while I did work for the restaurant we still don't own.
  • We still don't own said restaurant because of a dispute between other parties that we are helpless to resolve.
  • If the sale doesn't go through tomorrow, we shall have to walk away from the whole deal, regroup and run off on a holiday with the money we've borrowed from friends and family. (I am kidding about the last part, but if I wasn't, I'd go to Vietnam I think. Stop off in Laos and Cambodia, and maybe a couple of nights in a fancy resort somewhere on our way back home).
  • Upon arrival at my friend's place, Q began to sneeze all over her daughter's toys, and I suspected our close-up cuddles had been a very bad idea.
  • I left my friend to disinfect her toy room and returned home with Q to my husband and the designer (our friend who landed from New York on Tuesday morning expecting to get right to work) to discover that nothing further had transpired regarding the sale.
  • Q was Captain Cling, didn't want to eat, felt the need to whinge and snug simultaneously, and finally went down for a nap at 12.40pm.
  • It started to rain (surprise, surprise) so I loaded the clothes into the dryer and pushed start.
  • The dryer no longer works.
  • It is only just out of warranty.
  • It is going to cost $125 to fix.
  • Neither of us have jobs and rent is due this Saturday.
  • It is now 12.20am and it is really rather stupid that I am still awake given how wretched I feel, but contemplating the dual facts that the last 4 months of work (and trust me people, setting up a restaurant requires a lot of work) will likely have all been for naught, and that the money we have already spent is decidedly unrecoverable makes it hard to sleep.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Isn't that how the saying goes?
Yeah right.

When life gives you lemons, sometimes it just sucks.


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