Sunday, May 16, 2010


Introducing the Peanut. 
100% owned and made by Llewellyn Hart Productions, currently thirteen weeks uterus time and due sometime around the end of November.
Obviously I am not running this year’s marathon as I told you all I would.  I didn’t even run the half marathon this weekend, as general medical opinion seems to be that that sort of mileage is not good for a developing foetus, as it may in fact cook it.  So I have happily dropped back on my distance and replaced it with a yoga mat so that I can find my pelvic floor, which I didn’t know was missing but is apparently quite useful when it comes to getting this little peanut out of me. 
I have made it through the danger stage, survived the nausea, (though I have a sister-in-law who vomited daily for the first six months of each of her three pregnancies, so I don’t really feel like I have a bucket to chuck in) battled the insomnia, (which is so debilitating it makes the life I led in New York seem like a walk in the park) and am thoroughly enjoying all the weird, unimaginable things my body is getting up to.  Gum bleeds, outrageous sex dreams, insatiable appetite, nighttime trips to the bathroom, pinched nerves, tummy pooches, caffeine intolerance and rockin’ hormones. 
We are completely thrilled and mildly terrified by the prospect of being parents but figure we've got a good year or two before the baby works out we don't really know what we're doing.
While I’m still managing to run ten k’s a few times a week, there will come a very sad day when that will no longer be possible, and I really think, that even before it’s begun, this could be the biggest motherly sacrifice I’ll ever have to make.  Swimming doesn’t cut it, you know how I feel about yoga and walking is the poor man’s very distant second.  But there is one baby purchase we’ll be making for sure - one of those all-terrain baby buggies so that the peanut and I can venture into the great outdoors.  It can feel nature’s elements on its face and I can get right back to doing what I love.  So I hope you’ll join me as I talk less about marathons and more about the marathon I’ll be running for the rest of my life…the marathon of motherhood.  Trouble is, I though the marathon sounded hard.
I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret diary for the first three months and I’ll post some of my musings about pregnancy and the peanut now.
We happily bought our tickets and are pretty excited about the peanut ride…

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