Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have just returned from the physio.  It appears that all the relaxin steaming through my pelvis (nature’s way of helping me get a bigger cavity to extract the peanut) has had a conflict with my running.  I have jacked up my left hip.  That’s not the technical term the physio used, but I can never remember those latin muscle names, it was one of the many reasons I gave up on dreams of medicine.  Kindly, he has given me a free bottom lift and taped up my right butt-cheek, which I suspect is not going to make my running any easier.  But never fear, last time I went to yoga they taught me to breathe through my left nostril which apparently is anti-anxiety breathing, to which my big brother replied “I’ve got a deviated septum and haven’t been able to breath through my right nostril my entire life.  Stop oxygen depriving my niece or nephew.” 
This exercising while pregnant thing is more complicated than you would think.  Which is why im considering returning to the pool.  Though, it’s been so long since I swam the black line that my goggles have turned into a sticky mess that once resembled rubber and I only own a bikini top and swimming shorts for wear.  But I think a bikini is a perfect option given that my middle is going to do nothing but expand.  It may well overwhelm my fellow paddlers (I will probably look like an albino whale) but that’s ok.  Once the peanut is out, ill be back to running and never see them again anyway!

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