Tuesday, May 25, 2010


When do I start to feel pregnant?  I mean really pregnant.  Not nauseas or hormonal or starving or exhausted, but pregnant.  Glowing and maternal with a lovely bump in my front.  Currently all I have is a pooch when I stand and a big fat roll when I sit, which does nothing for my self-esteem and is making me start to believe all the baby books that tell us mamas-to-be that any weight we don’t lose naturally post pregnancy is because we overate during the 9 month gestation period.  Harsh isn’t it?  Particularly when I was convinced the peanut wanted plates of creamy pasta for dinner and packets of tim tams for dessert.  Initially I was doing alright because I wasn’t drinking but those lost calories seems to have been easily replaced with copious amounts of legal hard cheese, bread, vitawheats and banana bread (which we all know is cake masquerading as something healthy).  Ah well, it’s a journey, just like our three month food-and-drink-orgy road trip and I bounced back from that ok.  It would help if it wasn’t always raining of late, I would be far more compelled to get out there for a trot if I knew I wasn’t going to have to swim part of it instead.
This sounds distinctly like I’m having a whinge, so I shall stop right here and go and have breakfast.  Scrambies, mushrooms, homemade baked beans and fresh sourdough bread topped liberally with fresh salty butter.  Delish, though i suspect it's also part of the problem.  Any clues bloggies?


  1. Just enjoy it...whatever it brings...you are one of the lucky ones. Having a paunch will develop into having a distinct bulge. Soon enough you'll have the peanut moving so you can feel it flutter. I keep wanting to say he....hmmm.

  2. general opinion is it's a boy. i have no motherly instinct at all. Not a clue.
    i know i'm lucky, i don't want to rush the next 6 months but i feel like nothing is happening right now!!!

  3. What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
    You can't wash your hands in a buffalo.....

  4. i should hope not! though i wouldn't try it in the former either!!

  5. I'm going to look like such a fat whale next to you in July!! A couple people have asked me if I was having twins.

    Bananas has been trying to skype you before bedtime lately...."Aunt Nomi!? Skype!? Where are you!?"

  6. JEN!!!!!!!! i would love to skype and sing with anna - i think we must be on at such different times. You carried Anna with such grace i'm sure number two looks just as great! love you, xx

  7. Favourite pregnancy time - 28-34 weeks... nice and round, lots of kicking, no nausea, not too hugely uncomfortable and you're in the safe zone (early... but safe). It's not too far away - but i promise you it will come... and before you know it they are bloody turning 7! So enjoy every moment...

  8. thanks sheena,
    had our first antenatal yesterday and the peanut was in there swimming around - i can't feel a thing! so good to know it's in there, incubating!


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