Monday, May 23, 2011


Some days it is the little things that keep you going isn’t it? 
The asinine. The ridiculous. The unnecessary. The irreverent. 
Those little moments that sometimes happen in a day that you wished happened every day because then, when you lay in bed reflecting upon the hours you spent awake, you’d have something to smile about if the rest of the day was a wipe-out.
Tonight when I get to bed, I’m going to lie there and think about how Gregory went to the garden to pick vegies and salad items and how halfway through dinner, he leapt up, grabbed his back pocket and yelped ‘my ass is on fire!’
It seems he had picked some super hot fresh chillies, shoved them in his pocket, forgot about them and mashed them into his derriere while he sat on them during dinner.
It was bloody funny then, and it’s still funny now, two hours after the event.
I hope you had a similar moment in your day.


  1. Ah Nomes, I just had my first proper laugh in ages. Much needed. Please give your husband a kiss of thanks. You're both awesome. Love Sal xo

  2. HA! glad he could help sal, hope we brightened up your week, take care lady xx


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