Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have cracked the Q code people.

After hanging out together twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for nearly 9 months, I’ve finally worked out how to tire my girl out.

Here’s how:

·               Yesterday we woke up and had our usual faff around from 5.43am to 7am.
·               7am feed
·               dress and pack bags for excursion
·               put Q in her chariot, seat upright so she can see the world and wave and talk to everyone she meets
·               40 minute walk in the sunshine and fresh air to meet a friend for breakfast
·               breakfast and play in the park for a couple of hours, eating dirt and trying to crawl
·               40 minute walk home again in the fresh air and sunshine (still kicking, singing and waving)
·               lunch, run some errands and practice her plank position on the floor
·               30 minute walk (short nap and more kicking, waving and singing) to the swimming pool
·               40 minutes in the pool doing full immersion, kicking and some Olympic hopeful splashing
·               30 minute return walk – still kicking, waving and singing
·               third independently eaten meal for the day, spectacular mess throughout the kitchen
·               long bath to soak off the chlorine and much to be said to her bath friends the fish and the rubber duck
·               story time (which she has no interest in, beyond wanting to eat the book)
·               cuddles and bed without a fuss at 8pm
·               dream feed at 11
·               weird 1am scream (as usual. No idea why she does this, will worry about it another day)
·               6.45am wake up
·               6.45am wake up. I’ve just written that again to make sure you understood what I wrote.

That’s right folks, the mama slept from 1am to 6.45am.
Trouble is, I really needed it.
The only problem with successfully tiring out the unstoppable Miss Q, is I’m bloody exhausted myself!

Still, that’s a victory. And after the number of failures I’ve had this week, I’ll take the victories as they come.

May you too crack the code.
Have a great Friday.
Don’t forget to wear your jeans.


  1. woo hoo - sleep.

    Another visit to the pool today?

  2. too buggered. but it's working...HA!! xx


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