Saturday, August 13, 2011


Miss Q is crawling.

It’s not pretty, nor is it consistent, (she sort of looks like a confused tadpole on her way to becoming a frog) but she’s doing it.

I tell you, it nearly made this besotted mama cry.

Then I really did cry because I realised my time for Q-proofing the house has arrived.

Possibly, if I’d been organised like my mother always is (I means it’s not like I couldn’t see this coming) I would already have done this.

But why change form now?

Instead I’ve spent the evening working on a distraction quilt in preparation for our upcoming commutes – two weddings in regional Australia and one in New York.
It’s the idea of a fellow mother and traveller friend of mine.

She attached zippers, buttons, different fabrics and so on to a sheet of fabric and it entertained her son from here to…well at least until they’d taxied out of the airport anyway.

So I thought I’d do the same.

Only she can sew.

And I can’t.

So I used superglue and have just googled how to remove superglue from your fingers…and also your wedding ring.

I try.
Really I do.
But as is usual with anything crafty, my enthusiasm far outweighs my abilities.

Perhaps my sewing skills will improve in tandem with my daughter’s ability to crawl.

I sure hope so, otherwise we’re both in trouble. 


  1. Yes, I want to be s seamstress too but can just get by darning. I was too much of as tomboy as a teenager to make the effort to learn. Oh, how I wish I had, now that I'm a mother! Good luck with your quilt. I've, so far, steered clear of any projects that require more than a few stitches.

  2. Oh noes! Hope it all came off your ring. In my head all my projects are amazing.. Then I do them & they never live up to the standards I've set


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