Monday, August 1, 2011


My dear friend, the mother of Master W gave me Tizzie Hall’s Save Our Sleep the other day.

So far it is doing an excellent job of collecting dust on my bedside table.
Not because I can’t read but because I don’t want to read it.

I have a sneaking suspicion the first chapter is going to go something like this:

‘Naomi. Come on. The problem here is not Q, it’s you. 
Take a look at yourself. You know what you’re doing don’t you? 
You’re still giving her that 3am feed
The 3am feed that happens anywhere between 1.43am and 3.27am largely because you haven’t tried to stop it. 
She’s over six months now, she doesn’t need it. Time to cut it out. 
And don’t even get me started on the subject of co-sleeping.’

But I think it’s misnamed. I don’t call it co-sleeping.
I call it ‘I can’t be arsed staying up and putting her back in bed, it’s easier just to toss her a nipple and get back to the business of sleeping’ sleeping, and honestly I can’t imagine why more people aren’t doing it.

Am I the only one who’s taking the path of least resistance?

Don’t answer that question.

As another dear friend pointed out, she thinks the problem lies with us not with our girls.

It’s just that every time I plan to give the axing of the 3am feed a go, something monstrous gets in the way.

·               Gregory with his man cold
·               Gregory with his slipped disc
·               Gregory working 6 days a week – lets face it, it’s going to have to be Gregory who gets up to her. She’ll smell equal parts milk and weakness on me in two seconds flat.
·               Auditions. I need the most sleep I can get to be able to concentrate on dance routines these days, so if this means letting us both dose while Miss Q has my nipple in her mouth, so be it.
·               Weekends away. You can hardly ask a kid to change their routine, then change the new routine on them mid-change.
·               Laziness. Lets be honest. This is the major reason for sure.

The worst part about this is that my friend gave me this book. 
Which means she doesn’t need it anymore. 
Because she’s given up the 3am feed.
And I haven’t.

Ho hum.
Like most things in life…
I’ve only got myself to blame.


  1. I could add a few more to your list if you need some new excuses :
    * too cold in the middle of winter to be out of bed
    * must be teething
    * just too tired to do the short term pain for the out of reach long term gain! Maybe that's why Miss A was 5 before we consistently got sleep

    & co -sleeping... I am sure I saw an article last week about how this should be a more common practice!

  2. Bless you, bless you, bless you. THANK YOU LADY!!!


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