Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Internet is up and running.
But I don’t mind saying, it's been bliss not having it.
I'm nowhere near as popular as I like to think evidently.
Usually it hits 7pm each night and I think ‘Buggar. I still haven't written back to so-and-so.'
Tonight I cleaned out the emails that had been collecting over the previous two weeks and discovered that most of them were either from those websites that sell you stuff for a discount (which I of course fall for) or the weekly email from the baby website that tells me what Miss Q should be doing. (Teeth, solids, rolling – she still hasn’t bothered to try that – and some nonsense to make you feel better when your child is a nightmare, that it’s actually a good thing as it means they feel secure enough to muck up around you, their doting parent).

There are a few disadvantages to having no Internet though.
I had no idea why Qantas had stopped flying, as I’d had no access to news and therefore didn’t know a volcano had exploded in Chile and I had no doubt missed several other comment-evoking gems such as this.

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