Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here it is people.

Not exactly a great shot, but that is definitely a picture of the Harbour Bridge as seen from the deck of our salubrious one bedroom apartment.

The two little white triangles on the right hand side are none other than the Opera House. Not bad huh? Certainly beats the 6th floor apartment I lived in in the arse end of Harlem.

I have a picture of me on my wedding day, my brilliant white dress offset by the bullet hole in front door of the building. That's right folks. I'm a simple gal.

All I need to be happy is a couple of rooms, my two favourite people, easy access to the outdoors and one high quality toaster oven.

It might be such a tight fit in the bedroom that I bash my shins on our bed every time I get Miss Q out of her cot for her nighttime feed, but I am ever the optimist, and have no doubt that one day soon she's going to decide she doesn't need a midnight snack any longer and will slumber peacefully until oh, say 8.30 am.

Either that, or I'm going to start wearing shin pads to bed.

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