Tuesday, June 28, 2011


At seven months into parenting little Miss Q I consider myself a professional.
A professional learner.
I am excellent at it.
I do it every day.
Because every day is different.
Today we've had two naps without a fuss, three poo-ee nappies (I blame the vegemite, but she's half Australian damn it, it's in her blood to love it!) and a walk up the road to buy baking powder (because I am a domestic goddess and baked coconut bread this morning, while simultaneously doing three loads of washing and tidying the house).

Yesterday we had two pathetic naps and a minor whinge at gymbaroo because of said pathetic naps.

So nothing like today. I am always learning.
Along the way, however, I've developed a few theories, opinions, statutes if you will.
They are as follows:
1.  She can fail her maths exam but if she is mean I will take away her lego collection and force her to scrub the bathroom floor with a toothbrush. A mean girl I will not have.
2.  I agree with the government's suggestion of exercise three times per week. Just not archery because it's boring and I don't want to watch that. Or grass skiing. Soccer, hockey and waterpolo are preferable.
3.  Learning a musical instrument would also be nice. I quite like the cello, but I hope she gets good at it fast. Listening to a learner play the cello is like nails on a chalkboard.
4.  You can't say 'I love you' too many times. Nor can you sing it too often. Even if it's a really bad tune and you can't hit the notes. Babies don't care, to Q it is as sweet as her mother's milk. I like to think.
5.  There will never be any discussion in front of Q (or any subsequent humans) about my weight or looks. I refuse to fuel the fire of contemporary society. It appears I'm not alone in my thoughts.
6.  There is only one Miss Q and there is only one of Q's mother. Therefore, for better or worse, we're the only two really qualified to do our jobs. Excellent, excellent news.

Whatdya reckon?

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