Tuesday, February 14, 2012


At 9.40pm last night our 14.5 month old was wearing her gumboots, playing with her cars and singing her little songs.
At 9.40pm.
It rounded off what had been a rather intense day to begin with anyway.
But in case having a sibling truck off to dangerous parts of the world to do desperately dangerous things, wasn’t enough, we decided to really test ourselves off by thinking we’d lost my wallet. Resulting in my father putting on his running shoes and go beetling about the neighbourhood after I falsely advised I thought I had taken it outside, forgotten to put it in the car and it had probably been stolen.
Which led Gregory to stress about money because I had just taken out a huge amount to pay for huge bills from a not-so-huge bank account.
By now it was 9pm, Q was still awake, we were both starving, and my wallet was still missing, so I took a shower to try to focus on retracing my steps and exactly what I had done with my wallet full of cash.
While Gregory was busy making scrambled eggs (the standby dinner for desperados) I remembered we had put some bags in another brother’s car to allow more room for the brother heading OS.
Dangerous activities require a lot of safety equipment of which I am very glad.
So, we found my wallet, sat down in front of the tv because we were too exhausted to do anything else and ate our scrambled eggs while Q sang to her cars.
Then I took a dive into the totally insane and tuned into NCIS, this week’s story line being about a Marine missing in Afghanistan.
Evidently I am not a smart person.
It is hard to cry with a mouthful of scrambled eggs. Give it a go next time you’re out to brunch.
But today is a new day and with each new dawn, we are one step closer to his return.
Next Valentines day I’d like a good bottle of red, takeaway Thai, a sleeping child and a romantic movie on the couch with my hubbie.
A reflection of my state of mind - scrambled.
365 days and counting… 

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