Friday, February 26, 2010

86% SICK

I’m tired.  I’m calling in sick.  Not 100% sick (see blog below).  Maybe 86% sick.  Which means no run.  Which means nothing to write about.  Which means I had better get my act together for tomorrow.  Thank you fine followers, that is all.


  1. During character development for what would eventually be Spiderman, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko originally wanted a mammalian themed superhero to add to the Marvel Universe. Preliminary ideas led to the creation of "Aardvarkman," a superhero with the ability to control hordes of soldier ants. However, in the words of Ditko "the idea of a long gross tongue seemed downright evil in nature; a tongue that long with a mouth that small seems ridiculous." The soldier ant theme eventually led to the creation of Spider-Man, and the supervillain Toad was eventually created from the failed artwork for Aardvarkman

  2. So how is the Chef going with the running?

  3. wendy - gregory is now building a garden and his talk of the marathon has been conspicuously absent!
    anon - you do know the most curious things!


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