Friday, February 5, 2010


I think marathon running will suit me. Assuming I’ve done the appropriate training, it seems that stamina, endurance and an active imagination are the actual qualities that will carry you across the finish line. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but I am certain I posses such traits. Without them, the pursuit of a career in Musical Theatre in New York would have been nigh on impossible.
I did my long run today – 20k’s I should think – in a fairly respectable hour and twenty-five minutes (though I didn't have either a watch or a pedometer and am going purely on guess work). Knees are a tad sore and the old hip flexors are pretty tight, but other than that, I feel great. It’s cooled off since yesterday, still raining in spurts, and perfect running temperature – not too hot, not too cold with a bit of a breeze to wick the sweat away. I ran without my iPod for fear the rain would ruin it, but as always, had my imagination along for the ride. I imagined the book I want to publish, the restaurant my husband wants to open, the characteristics I wish I possessed and what I would do with them if I did, and once I’ve exhausted those topics, I take giant leaps into outer-reality and dream up scenarios for the movie of my life. Sometimes I live in a villa on a Greek Island, my husband cooks for the vacationing millionaires and I write by day and hostess at his events by night. We fly our families and friends in for visits and keep an apartment in the East Village of New York and another in the inner city of Sydney. Then there’s the orphanage in Cambodia that I volunteer at while Gregory works in a nearby Hotel that happily provides the penthouse for the duration of our stay. We make friends with the locals, put our kids in the international school (usually we have twin boys and a little girl) and I write a travel memoir on Southeast Asia. I’ve also been to Africa with International Red Cross, become a Radio Announcer for the ABC, written a musical and a play and starred in them both on Broadway.
I am a very busy little lady in my imaginings, and running is the perfect avenue to make them all come true. I have plenty of goals (some I’ve achieved, most I’m still working on) and I hope that just like running a marathon, eventually I’ll get there.
I am like the tortoise…slow and steady wins the race.

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