Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today I worked in promotions for an event.  Don’t you love how that sounds?  Like I am pivotal to the success of somebody else’s enterprise. 
In all actuality I stood around for seven whole hours in a hot pink size too big t-shirt and an equally oversized black cap.   I looked like a licorice all-sort.  
I was meant to be helping the guests use the computers to help them find their way around the show.  The problem was that the guests had either already done that on their own computers before they arrived, or they were making use of the booklet given at the entrance that had a complete list of every store and a map with which to locate them.
I was, therefore, completely redundant.  The entire day long.
And so I stood there in my mum’s uncomfortable black shoes, (since I still haven’t unpacked my own) and entertained myself by memorising the designs of the stained glass window stall to my right.
What is odd is that after this not so exhausting day I still felt the need for a nap before my evening run.  I put my head down on the kitchen table and woke up twenty minutes later with a stiff neck and a face covered in drool. 
I had my doubts about today’s run. 
Diligently I put on the gear, strapped on the iPod and set off…my toenails are hurting!  No, really they are.  They must be bruised from standing in those uncomfortable shoes all today and now the pressure running down hill means serious discomfort!
I’m a glutton for punishment as most of my course is up hill so they didn’t hurt for too long, but just to be safe, tomorrow I’m wearing my sensible shoes.  That’s what they market them as, but they’re really borderline orthopedic.
I don’t care, it’s not like anyone notices me at this job anyway.  

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