Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today I ran the same route as I did on Monday but I ran it a hell of a lot faster.  I know this because on Monday I made it home as the last strains of the Muse album were fading away, whereas today I still had a couple of songs to go. 
How do you knock over five minutes off your time in one run?  I can’t have been running very fast the other day, can I?
But it’s so gratifying.  The speeds so different, it’s almost as if you’ve beaten a complete stranger.  I feel sorry for the sprinters.  For them it’s about 0.001 of a second.  That’s the move of a misplaced piece of hair, a sneeze, a badly timed blink. 
In comparison, it seems I can stop when my iPod pouch falls off, stop again when an ignorant driver heads straight through a pedestrian crossing, walk up the final flight of stairs and still shave minutes off my time.
It could also have something to do with the drastic change in weather conditions between the cool eve of tonight and the relative heat wave of the other day, but I prefer to think I’m making great strides.  Pardon the pun.


  1. If stung by a jellyfish, be sure to get away from the jellies and out of the water to a safe area. If a jelly tentacle is wrapped around an arm or leg, remove it using another object, such as a stick. The next step is to inactivate the stingers that attach to the skin after brushing up against jellyfish tentacles. The best thing to use is acetic acid, or regular household white vinegar. Peeing on a stung bit of skin won't do much to relieve the suffering, and you may attract some odd stares by trying to do so.

  2. ha ha. thankyou i shall tell my foreign husband.
    thanks for reading anonymous!

  3. I remain steadfastly committed to the theory that running causes serious physiological harm by causing the heart beats issued at birth to be consumed way toooo quickly!! Remember the life expectancy of the tortoise is way greater than the rabbit!

  4. I have often wondered the same, given that they say we have a pre-determined number of heart beats. BUT...i live by the theory that the fitter i am the lower my resting heart rate and therefore even if i raise it while i run, i should come out ahead in the long run and live to be a hundred and twelve!


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