Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am upside down and turned around.  Ever since I arrived back in Australia I’ve been happily up until 3 am and waking again around 8 or 9.  Living vampire hours is a byproduct of working in hospitality or theatre, but consistent time spent operating roughly three hours out of sync with the normal population starts to effect you after a while.
I get hungry at the wrong times, for example.  1am always seems like the perfect time for a bit of a snack, and if I resist, it is easy to get up at 8 after only 5 hours of sleep because I am ABSOLUTELY STARVING.  Yesterday I resorted to a weight watcher’s chocolate chip cookie.  Pathetic choice really, but don’t judge me.  It was the only thing in the cupboard.
It’s a great time to get stuff done though, which is why I do it.  I want to write, and I do, but it’s easier when no one is ringing me to ask me to come out and play.
You do, however, start to develop some serious shadowing under the eyes and tend to operate with a constant, minor headache.  Which brings me to the point of this blog…marathon training.
Yesterday I didn’t do it. 
Monday’s run in that unbroken heat sapped every ounce of reserve energy I possessed and yesterday I was as limp as a ragdoll.  I was as capable of running as I am completing my superannuation forms. 
But today people, I promise today.  It’s cooler, might even rain and I WILL be amongst it.

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