Friday, February 19, 2010


The weather isn’t so great today, so I’ve left my friends at the house doing what all Australians do on a rainy beach holiday – sitting in their PJ’s, drinking too much coffee, reading out of date trashy magazines left from the guest before and completing puzzles on the dining room table.  This was after we held the Arnotts’ biscuit naming competition, as they seemed to be featuring prominently in our holiday diet, and with two foreign husbands along for the ride, the rest of us considered it our national duty to expose them to the many and varied selections within the Arnotts’ collection.  I think we came up with at least thirty.
It also helps to have the Olympics on during a bad weather holiday. It’s great for background noise and entertainment.  I don’t know as much about the winter Olympics as I do the summer – being Australian and all, from a nation lacking any significant amount of snow - but I still managed to make some excellent analysis from my position on the couch.  It seems, for example, that participation in either the Luge or the Skeleton requires a double-barreled surname.   (Apparently Australia recruited our Skeleton athletes from an ad in the paper saying “Mad Women Required.”)  Which would be right.  You’d have to be mad to go down a tunnel at 120 kilometres an hour, headfirst, dressed in a skintight shiny lycra suit with your glittered arse on display to all and sundry. 
And not that the skeleton isn’t already dangerous enough, but our friend Jen has advanced on the sport and come up with a new one called Hellraising – similar to the skeleton but facing upwards so you can’t see anything at all.  Personally, I’m a fan of the lingo in the half pipe snowboarding.  ‘Dropping in, grabbing the tail, boning it out.’  It sounds like some sort of commentary on bestiality.
I don’t have any fancy words for my run.  Blisters maybe.  Or cardiovascular.  It was the same route I took on my rubbish run the other day, (I was determined to redeem my performance).  Along the edge of the bays and up a fairly serious hill to a view back over the bays on one side and then out to the open seas on the other.  I ran much better than the other day, stride for stride with the new Muse album keeping me in pace.  I feel validated.


  1. Nomes! I too am obsessed with watching the Winter games right now. SInce my home on tour is a constant strand of hotels, it is nice to have some consistency! I love what you said about the luge, sooo true! And the snowboarders definitely "bone it out"! Your writing always makes me laugh :) thanks!!!

  2. hope tour is going well dancin' girl! see if you can get them to come to oz...lovely to hear from you and thanks for checking my blog, xx

  3. The climate in Liechtenstein is mild despite the mountainous location, due to the impact of a warm wind that normally blows from the southwest, known as "the foehn."

  4. thankyou dear anonymous. i didn't know!


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