Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"I think it's good for kids to get germy and dirty, and that's how they build their immune systems. You can't be too overprotective. They have to be out there in the world."

This is what Gwyneth Paltrow advised in response to Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement.

But it’s not an original idea.

All mothers who quickly realised that maintaining an anti-dirt stance is a fast track to crazy, have embraced the idea that God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt.
(That’s also not an original, my mother-in-law owns that one).

We live on the second floor of a house and share the washing-line with the downstairs landlord.
All fine and fabulous except the yard in the winter is always damp. Obviously I can’t leave Q to her own devices while I hang out the stupid amount of laundry we seem to accumulate, so down she comes and I sit her on a big garbage bag.
Ghetto I know, but I refuse to wash a quilt each day because it gets covered in dirt.

Problem is, she doesn’t stay on the bag and very quickly finds the muddiest part of the garden and stuffs some in her mouth.
Nutritional value of mud is quite low I’d imagine, so our landlord is trying to train her to eat the asthma weed that’s slowly taking over the garden instead.

We went to a picnic last Saturday and there was another baby girl there who showed Q up so devastatingly I ended up fleeing in embarrassment.

This girl was dressed in pristine pink and white striped linen – linen for heaven’s sake.
Who (apart from mothers on the lower north shore) even wears linen?
Worse than that, there wasn’t a mark on it.

Q meanwhile, had gotten into the strawberries and looked like a little vampire with red juice covering her once clean top. She – of course – had to be deterred from eating more leaves, knocked over a beer, chewed on a young girl’s play wand and tried to climb on top of another guest’s dog.

Busy. Interested. Energetic. Lively.

Yep, those are all words I heard describing my little human that day.

An anti-dirt stance? Not a chance.

But as a fairy searching for middle earth, what else would you expect?


  1. I have no chance against the dirt in this household. Too outnumbered, too many boys. We embrace dirt. Dirt is our friend. My home-made washing detergent seems to tackle it well so who cares? Gwynnie just went up a notch in my books x

  2. go Gwynnie! I laugh my head off when I see all these Dettol and "anti-bacterial wipe" ads on TV. What a complete waste of time and money. I grew up on farm and we were covered in dirt, and to be honest horse poo, chicken poo, or cow poo almost every day and Im still here to tell the tale. There is not a minute of the day that I don't look at one of my boys and they have a dirty face, or something spilt on their t-shirt, or the back of their pants is smeared with mud from sliding down the hill in our backyard. Dirt, schmirt, although I do draw the line on snotty noses. I don't care if they wipe it on their sleeve as long as its not dripping down their face. And I am soooo stealing your MIL's line.

  3. Glad to see i am not alone ladies. Go forth and be dirty i say! xx


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