Thursday, September 29, 2011


It could have been worse.

Does anyone remember Pollyanna anymore?
You know, the girl from the books. She was an orphan I think and went to live with her aunt. Or someone.
Anyway, somewhere in the town, lived a cranky old woman who was perpetually sick and as cantankerous as the bedsores she was probably sitting on. Pollyanna, in her impertinent way, made friends with this lady and introduced her to ‘the glad game’.
‘The glad game ‘is a game where no matter what the circumstance is, you find a way to be positive about it.
It’s completely cheesy, but I have to admit, for many years now, I’ve been playing it too.
I’ve always been a ‘glass is almost full’ kind of kid; I’m too lazy to be upset, it requires too much energy.

Here’s how I play the game with my recent experience…
·               I could have gotten sick when my mum was teaching and then I wouldn’t have had anyone to look after Q.
·               My husband could have been unwilling to move to his in-laws for 6 days so I could recuperate
·               It could have been glorious warm spring weather. Rain and cold meant I could lie on the couch in tracky-dacks and not feel like I was missing out on anything while simultaneously managing to cover my dreadful, ugly full-body rash.
·               It was only acute bronchitis. Very close to pneumonia, but it wasn’t. That would have really sucked.
·                Could have happened right before we were heading OS in which case I would have had to delay my departure for sure.

See how it works folks? Suddenly having breathing difficulties, a head to toe magnificently itchy rash and serious exhaustion doesn’t seem so bad after all!

Try it peeps, see if it works for you.
Have a great weekend. 

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