Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Once upon a time, (approximately 20 months ago) two Sydney women fell pregnant.
While they were busy growing their first ever humans, their mothers were busy telling anyone who would listen that their babies were now growing their own.

In an uncanny twist in this remarkable story, these two mothers of soon-to-be mothers worked at the same school and finally tried to tell each other that their daughter was pregnant.
'My daughter is pregnant.'
'No, my daughter is pregnant.'
'When is yours due?'
'End of November. When is yours due?'
'End of November.'
'No way.'
'Yes way.'
'They should meet.'
'Yes, they should meet.'

And so it was that the two women growing humans at the same time, were bullied into a blind date by their well meaning mothers.

Several months later, (neither of them remember who contacted who first) they met at a cafe local to one of them and over decaf coffees and stale raisin bread (they didn't dare have caffeine in front of a fellow human grower, you never know the response their going to give, and will now both admit that the toast was horribly stale and they really shouldn't have eaten it at all) they got beyond the fact that they had walked their rolling their eyes at their mother's determination that they met and discovered the other person to be quite pleasant indeed.

Months went by and the ladies' friendship grew along with their stomachs.

Soon there wasn't any more room for their little humans and two delightful girls arrived on this earth in the same birth centre at the same hospital within twenty-four hours of each other.

And so now the cycle continues, and these two new little girls, just as their mothers were oh-so-many months ago, are forced to be friends several times a week, as their mothers muddle through this parenthood gig together.

But where one mother can sing, dance, act and write to an apparently mildly successful but not full-time employable standard, the other mother can also sing, write, and dance well enough to bust a move on the dance floor at a wedding.
But she can also make jewellery, baby shoes, toys and clothes.

Check them out at her blog.
She is seriously clever.
And she's also my friend.

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