Thursday, September 15, 2011


You know when you’re on the second leg of a round the world trip after several takeoff and landing delays and a 6 hour layover in some god-forsaken airport and you’re not even travelling premium economy, let alone business or first class, and your eyes are gritty and your brain feels like it’s too big for your skull and your dehydrated and hungry but your digestive system has shut down because it can’t eat anymore of those altitude-affected rock hard bread rolls and you’re sneezing because your immune system is saving itself for more important things than allergies and you have coffee-breath, but not the attractive kind because you’ve been doing too much open-mouthed breathing, and you’re skin looks grey and you’ve definitely put on weight overnight.

That’s how I feel.

Except it’s not because I’m returning from a fabulous holiday sipping on wine and supping on cheese in the south of France, but because I’m on the back end of a couple of weeks of a spectacularly appalling sleeping performance by my daughter, Little Miss Q.

My disclaimer here – before you all tell me to ring Tresillian – is that the poor kid has been turned upside down of late with travel, late night events and nightmares.
She is a nightmare, but I also think she’s having nightmares. 
Poor kid.

And the fun isn’t going to stop just yet. 
Because we have another out-of-town wedding this weekend.
And Q (being the socialite that she is), thinks everyone is there just for her - bugger the bride - and at last week's reception finally fell into an exhausted face-plant on her grandmother’s arm at 10.16pm. (Waking again back at the hotel for another round of cocktails, then rising at 5am for an early morning post-wedding brunch).

She is made of kryptonite. The only person that suffers unduly is her dear, doting mother.

Coffee has once again become my very good friend.

Speaking of…it’s time for a top-up.

So enjoy your Friday friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
And if you get too much sleep, send some my way! 

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