Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ladies, I thank you.  And I love that your advice was so long, you had to send it to me in a personal email.
It is midnight and my brain is buzzing with things like high chairs (never occurred to me a baby might like to sit up) bouncer (never occurred to me that they might like something other than the floor to sit on) cots (who knew a baby's sleeping place could create such discussion) and of course the great debate of cloth versus plastic nappies.  Gregory has lots of supporters it seems, I just feel bad.  I read in the Herald that every baby uses an average of 8000 nappies each.
That's like Mount Everest being build with landfill 133 million times every year!!!!
Truly, I'm very grateful and very overwhelmed.  Your child's welfare is not the kind of thing you want to screw up now is it?
I bid you goodnight with dreams of dummy brands and baby bottles running through my mind...


  1. I used cloth for both, granted it was a while ago, and found them Fantastic. I still have some and they are put to other uses now. Regarding the disposable vesion, I also felt guilty contributing to landfill and the energy used to produce them. I have to admit though overnight when the babies are bigger is better in a disposable. I believe there are 'Greeen' disposables out there now, probably pricey. Cloth is not in fashion but very useful as you know....you still have time to decide.

  2. true and i just found an article to post about it all!

  3. "A child is a curly, dimpled lunatic." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. no fight from me there anon. That description sounds just like me...


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