Thursday, June 17, 2010


This week in the life of Naomi and the peanut;
1 - the peanut has stolen my curl.  I think it's making curly hair because mine is falling flat and lifeless like a badly kept hippie.
2 - still don't have internet.  which would explain my tardy blogging this week.  to my loyal fans (i think that means my aunt and her friends) I am hoping to rectify the situation by the beginning of next week.
3 - i'm out.  the pants are too tight.  well, arguably I can just manage to do them up but when I did, gregory yelled 'stop, you're squashing the peanut.'  I am going to purchase some super long tops (i have a ridiculously long torso to begin with) and see if i can leave everything undone and just cover it up.  This is because I"m a tight arse and don't like to spend money on myself and also because everyone told me I wouldn't show until i was at least five months so now i feel like i have to hide it for another few weeks at least.  I'll take a pic so you can all pass judgement.
4 - we are TIRED.  i have over-committed myself (you'd think by now i'd have learnt) and am a tired little baby growing mama.
5 - it is friday, which means it's nearly saturday which means then it's sunday which is my favourite day of the week.
Have a wonderful day in cyberspace friends, xx


  1. Which also means you get my daughter to look after...teach her lots and lots at her work experience week with you. She is so lucky! No one else is going to have such a great time during the week.

  2. We promise to have no fun at all.


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