Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday I had a massive, complete, dramatic, traumatic meltdown.  I sobbed enthusiastically, had to wipe my snotty nose on the back of my hand and was so blinded by my tears I couldn’t see where to connect the vacuum tube to the machine as I tried to clean the house.  I wasn’t crying about the cleaning, (though it’s not a task I love) I was crying about my husband’s work hours and how I never see him.  I believe the phrase 1950’s housewife was used, as was ‘feeling forgotten,’ ‘hospitality widow,’ and ‘don’t you like me anymore.’  Even I knew that last one was a bit of a stretch and probably destroyed any credibility I had managed to gain. 
This had been building for weeks, twelve to be precise, (when Gregory started the job) and on his day off, when Gregory was delayed returning from his investigation of his vegetable garden at my parent’s house, leaving me in a café doing work until his return, I fell apart and began my performance which culminated in me sitting on my husband’s lap, tears streaming down my face and wailing; “and I’ve got to vacuum the floor!!!”
Once we’d democratically cleaned the house – me the vacuum, Gregory the mop – we then went on a post-incident walk and talk and I asked Gregory what percentage of today’s meltdown did he think was the result of peanut hormones.
“115%” he replied without hesitating.
So now I don’t know whether to be flattered that he doesn’t think Captain Crazy is my usual state of being, or distressed that he won’t take anything I cried about seriously because he thinks it’s all the result of being under the influence of baby hormones.
Anyone else out there know how I feel? 


  1. completely, 100% - Welcome to motherhood.

    It is a roller coaster ride of emotions.
    The song - 4 seasons in one day should be
    re- released for mothers called 4 emotions in 1 minute!

    I am surprised that Matt stuck with me with all my meltdowns but that is why they love us! Matt wisely took the vow of silence as he knew whatever he said " in the moment" could and WOULD be used against him:)

    On the positive - this is the first of many times you can blame /or use peanut as an excuse!

    plus - as much as they advise you what NOT to eat while pregnant there is also a list of what HOUSEWORK you shouldn't do. This list comes in very handy , should be printed, laminated and stuck to the fridge!

    Hope you are feeling more in control today!

    Smile - the sun is shining

  2. Oh, Nome, All of these tales take me back. Yep, crying over what seems in hindsight, not worth major tears. Being deliriously happy, the absent minded days...what did I come in here for????

    Just wait for the hormones after the baby comes...they are special too. Lucky that you have the fabulous Gregory ... I love his response and can just hear him saying it. Well done.

    Love to all 3 of you.

  3. thank you for your comments ladies - kylea, i will go in search of that list of duties hazardous for the up-the-duffers. hope you're healing well
    wend - thanks for reading, yes i am a lucky duck with gregory. we are both passionate, highly charged individuals...!!! xx


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