Monday, June 7, 2010


Don't laugh, but tomorrow I'm going to be on the Kerri-Anne Kennerley Show.
Not only that, but I'm going to be modeling pregnancy clothing.  I am a little concerned by this because, if you'll recall the picture I posted in a previous post, I don't really look pregnant.  I did try to tell them this, but they don't seem concerned.  They seem to think there is a shortage of knocked up broads, which based on who I see walking about my suburb, is hardly the case.
I am going to be booed out of the studio by a bunch of irate morning talk show viewers.
Here I've spent the past seven years trying to get skinnier so I don't lose a role in image obsessed American theatre and now I'm going to go on national television and do everything I can to stick my tummy out further...
Watch me if you're bored.  Sometime between 9 and 10 tomorrow morning on Channel 9.
It's gonna be great!!!


  1. Hey! The kids and I just watched it....delayed because of school...thank goodness we have the web. Our votes went to yours and the first girl's outfit. Lovely. Did not like the others. Did you chat to Kerri-Anne? Does she know you can sing? Does she want you back? We do. mwa.

  2. I saw you as well. You looked wonderful, but I have pregnancy envy!! Mmmm 4 months you look wonderful.. I think Wendy has covered all necessary questions though. L xx

  3. hey Naomi,
    Had to have a look over here in Norway, you looked fab on the show...congrats:)NK

  4. love it - just watched it on the web! You look fantastic.

  5. why thank you all ladies, yes, i felt rather sorry for the lady that looked like a pink smurf. Nope, not a word was exchanged between lady kerri-anne and us, but that's quite alright. No she doesn't know I sing wend, apparently getting on her show as live ent. is very tricky indeed. thank you all very much for tuning in, I will have to go to the web too and chec myself out!

  6. I've had a brain wave.....I should give feedback on her website and mention that I'd previously seen a very entertaining show of yours called Hart to Hart! What about that?

  7. HA! you should be my agent!!!! other people have done far more shameless things and it has been suggested. in fact people wonder why i haven't set up alias' for myself and aren't doing it already!


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