Monday, June 21, 2010


According to the internet (my very favourite location for all information and yes I do know that Wikipedia does not count as a legitimate factual source) 133 million babies are born every year.  That’s 247 babies born every minute, or 4 every second. 
That is a lot of pushing and grunting going on in the universe all day and all night long.  And really puts into perspective the fact that while Gregory and I may think we’re the only two people clever enough to have managed this feat of reproduction, we are, in fact, highly unoriginal.
At eighteen weeks, I am halfway there and I will freely admit that while I may be super excited to meet the peanut, it is probably a very good thing we’ve got this much time again to get organised for the imminent arrival of a human that is solely under our responsibility. 
We haven’t bought a single thing despite my having read that early in the second trimester is the best time to purchase baby items before I get too big and uncomfortable. We have not had the battle of cloth versus plastic nappies - though I can tell you right now where Gregory stands on that one, and it’s squarely in the camp of landfill.  Feel free to weigh in on this controversial topic if you will. 
The baby will share a room with me in my office, which means my music and writing will have to be consolidated to make room for a bassinet and whatever else babies need for early life.  I’m hoping to avoid purchasing a change table as I figure any sort of flat surface will suffice, but if we go for cloth nappies, changing on the bed is out of the question as we’re renting a house that comes with a water bed (very 1980’s we know, but don’t worry I haven’t started wearing shoulder pads and bubble skirts yet) and I can just imagine the peanut rolling away and me causing a flood as I pierce the bed with a sharp nappy pin.  
I’ve tried to compile a list of essentials and so far I’ve come up with this –
Clothes – it’s summer.  Does it really need any?
Pram – so I can start running again.
Something to sleep in – which my aunty responded with ‘I’ve still got the bassinet I borrowed for my kids that you all slept in.  Are you opposed to second hand items?’  Am I opposed to second hand items she asks.  Is she kidding?  My favourite store is Salvation Armani.
We figure that’s the essentials covered.  I’m hoping it will take to the boob, (we saw a fabulous billboard on our road trip across America last year that read; Breast Milk Is The Best Milk.  Eat At Mums) which is free and travels easily thus avoiding the need for bottles and sterilising equipment which, from what I’ve seen looks like a lot of hard work.
I wouldn’t mind however, seeking professional advice.  So if you’re a professional (and by that I mean do you own your own human) feel free to leave a comment and let me know what I do need, what I definitely don’t need.  Where to shop, how much to spend and whether it is really necessary to begin research on pre-schools now. 
Any information based on actual experience is gratefully received.  I enjoy specifics, so add them in.  Don’t be general, that’s what I’ve got the internet for.  Speaking of, it’s taken me roughly twenty minutes to write this, (I’m a little distracted as I’m writing in company) which means that from the start of this blog until its end, there are now 4940 more humans in the world.
And that my friends, is a marvelous miracle indeed.


  1. Hi Naomi

    I replied but my essay was too long. I will send you a email


  2. yes indeedy please! thank you so much, how is your foot going?

  3. Think Wedding hype and then triple it!! So after producing only 2 humans and having the full catastrophe for the first and very little for the second I would err on the side of caution.

    The list is endless for must haves however, Wendy is right, she has the bassinet, I have a beautiful cot if your wonderful parents do not buy it and be aware first babies are beautifully catered for by friends and family, have wonderful change table, Darcy made nice and tall no bending and I have a proper baby jogger, aluminum frame the works for your journeys around The Bay, not designed for the very new born however a few months on, fantastic.

    So I am with Gregory, the disposable nappy was invented for a reason. However I think handling really messy nappies should be done at least once, scrape, rinse, soak, wash etc!!! Even I went the whole hog bought 3 dozen and never used them once, to this day they make excellent hand towels!!

    I would indulge in a few nice baby outfits, and have a list of things others can give you.
    disposable nappies
    muslin wraps (great in the heat)
    baby bucket if you must wash your own
    water proof pants ( modern day equivalent
    new linen for the cot and bassinet
    dummy if using one
    Baby carry pouch

    Really should have emailed however,,, hope this helps xx

  4. WOW!!!!! i am overwhelmed! websites too! thank you for the advice and generosity louise, can i avoid it all for a bit longer??? but given that i was a bit low key on a lot of wedding details, perhaps i do need to really listen to your words of wisdom. love n xx

  5. no plastic nappies!! Watch no impact man. plastic nappies never go away! Also, there are services that will pick up dirty nappies and deliver NEW reusable nappies all clean! ahh nappies

  6. WHAT don't listen to that crazy preachy person up above...go disposable if you want...i say make a game-time decision

  7. i have a spare chest of drawers, you can use the top drawer as the sleeping spot for the peanut and the rest for peanut's clothes, disposable and /or cloth nappies etc etc .xx

  8. i have an article to post re the nappy issue - will hopefully get to it tonight ladies, thanks for reading


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