Sunday, June 20, 2010


Does anybody else wonder if the number of calories they used to consume in alcohol is greater or lesser than what they are currently consuming in extra food for their peanut?
I ask, because this very thought occurred to me yesterday when I lunched on jatz biscuits liberally covered with avocado and salt.  At the time it seemed like a perfectly well adjusted meal. 
And I’m wondering, just out of curiosity, if I’m actually ahead in caloric intake and am technically losing weight even while my waistline expands.
According to the internet;
1 small glass of wine = 94 calories.
1 gin and tonic = 110 calories.
Pre-peanut it would be fair to admit that I would have enjoyed one large gin and tonic and probably two glasses of wine, six out of seven nights a week.  Judge me if you will, but its all past tense, the only damage I was doing was to myself.  No permanent hangover for this baby.
1 small avocado = 226 calories 
It would also be fair to say that yesterday I consumed at least that much.
I’m also a bit of a bandit for bread and pasta since the peanut, and my trusty website informs me that bagels (I’ve found a place in Australia that my American husband approves of) are equal to 319 calories.  I don’t even want to know what they add up to smothered in peanut butter and honey.
By my calculations, my pre-pregnant average daily intake of alcohol roughly equaled 298 calories.
The avocado and the bagel equal 545 calories.
Which means I’m 247 calories in the red.  This is not good news, particularly when you consider that according to medical professionals, the extra food required for those incubating humans is equivalent to half a cheese sandwich.  And that only equals 102.5 calories which still leaves me in trouble.
 If it weren’t for the devastating effect it would have on my unborn child, I am tempted to consider rekindling previous habits…who knew being healthy could be this bad for you.


  1. At least with Jatz and Avocado you are ingesting vitamins!

  2. and avocado is a good fat apparently...just not sure an entire one is!


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